Discover the wine quarter

Discover the "Weinviertel" in lower austria

Located south of the Thaya, between the Manhartsberg in the west and the Marchauen in the east, the Weinviertel reaches as far as the Viennese city limits. Due to the Pannonian climate and the loess soil, the Weinviertel is particularly suitable for winegrowing and is well-known to wine lovers. In the Weinviertel you can experience a colorful world of excursions. Castles, castles, museums, viewpoints, churches, castle gardens - choose from a variety of possibilities for your perfect stay!

Radfahren im Weinviertel

Embark on a discovery tour - guided tour or individually at your own pace and your own interests. The wine district with its culinary delights can also be explored by bike. The region is ideally suited for pleasure wheeling. Get on your bike! Long distance routes, wine routes and e-bike routes are waiting to be explored.


In total, there is a cycle path of about 1,600 km in length, largely on low-traffic trails off the roads following the up and down of the gentle hills.


As well, cycling and moderate wine are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, in the Weinviertel the combination pushes itself up almost. Finally, one third of the Austrian wines are produced in Austria's largest wine-growing region.