Rooms & Technics

Conference rooms and technology

Our conference rooms are equipped to meet the very latest standards, while the precise configuration will comply with your individual needs. We have the perfect room and the desired seating for every occasion. Our service personal are, of course, always available to assist you, both while the event is in progress and during the breaks.

Conference rooms

Adam100 m²346040
Eva92 m²346040
Adam & Eva192 m²7013080
Romeo92 m²347040
Julia92 m²347040
Romeo & Julia184 m²7014080
Max50 m²182424
Moritz42 m²162020
Max & Moritz92 m²346044
Jasmin28 m²10 12
Andreas24 m²10 8
Jasmin & Andreas52 m²202020
Jive50 m²162020
Jasmin & Andreas & Jive102 m²346044
Schiele50 m²18 20
Dali50 m²182020
Lenau48 m²182020

Conference technology:

  • CD-player

  • digital-capable overhead projectors

  • slide projector

  • colour TV's

  • flipcharts (tripod flipchart, Plan Master)

  • copier

  • laptop

  • digital projector

  • DVD-player

  • VCR

  • fixed projection screens (150 x 150, tiltable)

  • transportable screens (200 x 200)

  • overhead projectors

  • PC's and printers

  • pin board

  • sound system (integrated sound system with cable microphone)

  • video cameras with tripod

Our top conference rooms in Stockerau await your visit!